As the son of two painters I grew up in a house of color.  My Father, an earlier artist at Disney studios brought his talent home mostly in the form or oil paintings, using the vibrant colors of that trade.  Much of his oil work was inspired by those living colors from his years in Southern California, while my Mother experimented with the softer side of watercolors.  As a young teenager my Mom spent many hours teaching color theory, drawing, and how light affects still life drawings.  Years later after marriage and two children I tried my hand as a paint contractor.  Feeling very dissatisfied with the standard off white walls that I was hired to do; I began to work with a handful of interior designers.
    Soon I was determining color for over 30 designers and concluded it was time to begin a more creative line of work.  I set out to do wall glazing, or “broken color” finishes, and began to carry my own color stainers to stretch the colors beyond what the paint stores mixed.
    While many color consultants work in industries such as advertising, printing, or even cosmetics, my goal is to choose the right cosmetic for the home, and that means paint!  For one to have an “eye for color” with paint, one must take into account the furnishings of that home, light sources, eye candy, etc, They must be able to communicate with the owner in such a way as to understand their personnel desires, and hopes.  I have the confidence and experience to do just that.
    Everyone reacts differently to color, style, and preference because our sensibilities shift over time with our experience.  I have a genuine interest in these views and therefore may often recommend more than one color, and search to find a shade or value that resonates with the owner of that home.  You will have a sense of pride, and even happiness when your project is finished.


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