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   I will come by and walk through your house with you.  During which time you describe what you hope to achieve.  I would suggest that you spend some time in the library or in front of magazine racks prior to my visit paying particular attention to advertising back-drops, and pictures of model homes that will get you thinking of possibilities for your home.  Lighting and photography angles can be deceiving, but together with multiple fan decks we can find samples that most closely resemble what you see and where you want to go with them. 

    During our initial visit I will be observing your currant or future furnishings, pillows, drapes, and art for what I call eye-candy.  We will work our way thru room by room and I will suggest several options as we go, writing them down on a worksheet.

    Once we think we have a handle on where were going we will narrow the colors down.  I say “we” because oftentimes designers will “tell” their customers what “they” will do.  I believe in order to “hear the colors speak” one must listen to the customer.  I will make sure the colors unite in such a way as to have balance and uniformity.  Occasionally you and I will think differently; nonetheless in those situations we will have explored the possibilities and you will be left with two or more options to consider, including yours!

    The cost of our service is $220 an hour.  And yes often times I will divide down to a half hour.   Most homes take about 1 1/2 hours.  Very large homes take more time.  A small ranch would take about 1 hour.

    After we finish, you might want to buy some paint samples to test them in order to see how they work at different times of the day or night.


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